The Winery

Jongieux - Marestel

The village of Jongieux, where our winery is located, is in the Savoy department and more precisely in the Savoy forelands
on the left bank of the Rhone, north of Chambery.

The vines are planted on the slopes of the Mont du Chat and the steep slopes of the Mont de la Charvaz at an average altitude of 300m.







At the heart of the locality and the vineyard

The Jongieux vineyard benefits from a remarkable locality and exposure (facing south/south-west).
The soil is marl limestone under a covering of stones on the surface. This is poor soil, giving moderate yield.

Contrary to what one would think, the winter temperatures are very cold. On the other hand, sunshine conditions are excellent in summer, with around 1800 hours of sunshine a year.
The vineyard benefits from a microclimate thanks to the large areas of water – the Bourget Lake and the Rhone – which surround it.

Vineyard management is very difficult due to the geographical situation (very steep slopes).

For many years grassing has been used to reduce erosion and limit the work required; this allows us to obtain more healthy grapes.

The winery is careful to cultivate the vines in a way which is attentive to the environmental impact (reduction of insecticides and herbicides) with the goal of conserving fauna which is useful for the natural development and defences of the plants.




A century of history

Winegrowers from father to son since 1830: more than 6 generations

Just after the second World War, in 1946, Célestin Carrel – Eugène’s father , returned from prisoner of war camp and took over the agricultural activity (various crops and milk cows).

In that period of reconstruction, winegrowing was not the main activity of the farm, and wine production was mostly limited to small areas on the Marestel slopes.



In the 70s, Eugène took over from his father and specialised in wine-growing. The buildings, which until then had been used for livestock, were converted into a winery.

In 1975 the vineyards covered 3 hectares and increased to 9.5 hectares in 1990.

In 1992 the wine production area and storage buildings were extended.

In 1994, Olivier – son of Eugène – joined the business and planted new vineyards.

The vineyard covered an area of 15 hectares in 1997.

In 1998 another 5 hectares were leased.

Development continued between 1998 and 2018 with 2 hectares of new vines, primarily the Mondeuse varietal, and the takeover in 2008 of a new Bugey PDO on a surface of 2 hectares.


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